Welcome to Bossit Beauty 🌈
Welcome to Bossit Beauty 🌈
I cannot believe the launch is finally here aaaaah!
Bossit has been a year in the making since we thought of the name in February 2023! The name for us needed to be punchy, unforgettable and meaningfuland we think Bossit Beauty is just perfect!
So, why was Bossit Beauty created?
I think living in the world today, sometimes the pressure can be so high to look and feel great. I wanted to create a brand that helps people to enhance and celebrate their natural beauty. I have worked in the beauty industry for almost 10 years prior to creating Bossit and love making people feel confident and powerful with my services and wanted to extend this past just my clients and take this to the next level. Self care should and needs to be a priority to unlock your best self!
Bossit products aim to do just that.
Aside from products, we also want to create a community where self care is celebrated and encouraged where we can come together to feel and look our best selves.
The first products we bring to you are our GROWIT Lash & Brow serums. I can promise you that these products are truly revolutionary and will totally transform your brows and lashes. 
Our lash growth serum will lengthen, thicken and hydrate your natural eyelashes and our brow serum will thicken, hydrate and re-shape to create pure brow envy.
Both of these products are infused with only natural ingredients, are vegan and are cruelty free, with absolutely ZERO hormones. This sets a precedent for our future products and we are passionate about not only creating products that are game-changing, but also the morality behind the manufacturing of them. 


Bossit Beauty has much more to come and we are currently working behind the scenes to create more amazing products that will leave you feeling your best self. 

Thank you for being part of the Bossit community and for believing in us. This is just the beginning!
Love, Yasmin & the Bossit Beauty team 🌈❤️ 
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